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Posted by Jennifer Witherby on Mar 8, 2018 1:45:56 PM
Jennifer Witherby
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Do Space is a digital library who’s primary goal is to put technology in the hands of everyone, for free. The team at Do Space wanted to create an inviting experience which helps put guests at ease as they walk through the door. Because, let’s face it, high tech spaces can be intimidating for people who aren't tech savvy. 

That’s where Nanonation came in! Using our team of public space interactive gurus, we created a gesture based Welcome Wall which recognizes guests as they walk through the door, instantly transforming them into a digital character on a massive 9 screen video wall. Throughout the experience there are several elements to interact with and tons of hidden gems which trigger fun animations. The welcome wall allows guests of all ages and technical literacy to play and explore with no learning curve, no rules, and no pressure.

Do Space is committed to being a regular resource to the community. To keep those critical repeat visitors engaged, new interactive worlds are rolled out often to keep the welcome wall fresh and engaging.

See the Welcome Wall in action!


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